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There's a lot of things to do in Guadeloupe and here you will find our selection !

Guadeloupe beaches


Guadeloupe has about fifty fine sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Every day is a good day to discover a new beach on the island.

Among the most famous, you can observe :

  • The Caravelle beach in Sainte-Anne with its crystal clear waters and its postcard-like decor.

  • The beach of the Souffleur in Port-Louis reserves beautiful surprises for the amateurs of diving.

  • The beach of La Feuill√®re, located on Marie Galante Island, is appreciated by sportsmen for its waves as far as the eye can see.

  • The beach of Grande Anse in Trois-Rivi√®res is spectacular. In Deshaies, tourists appreciate this preserved place where lovers can admire the sunsets.

Our advice: Spread over about 70 kilometers, and take an itinerary that goes along all the coasts of Guadeloupe. Choose a Europcar vehicle equipped with a GPS, admire the beauty of the landscape and find a place that suits you. Don't forget to visit the other islands in the archipelago.

Culinary specialties of Guadeloupe

Creole cuisine draws its inspiration from African, Indian, and European cuisine. The island's culinary specialties are often based on seafood: blaff and short fish broth, cod chiquetaille, lambis fricassé, lobsters, dombrés and ouassous or grilled fish (with its sauce chien). Meat is also very present with chicken or goat colombos, fricassees or smoked chicken.

There are many other local dishes. As a starter, the féroce d'avocat on a slice of bread will spice up your meal. For all gourmands, dishes like bokit and agoulou are the most suitable. For lovers of local gastronomy, it is recommended to try the colombo de cabri. To finish on a sweet note, the kassav will delight the taste buds of sugar lovers. Finally, as a hot drink, the chodo can be tasted during important events such as a baptism or a wedding.

Friendly places are available for everyone to enjoy the local products. A picnic under the coconut trees or in the carbets is the best part of the day.

Good to know:¬†If you want to taste fish cr√™pes, go to the islands of Saintes. The island of Marie Galante has many surprises in store for you such as b√©b√©l√©, or its dessert known under the strange name of caca bŇďuf.

Water activities in Guadeloupe

Kitesurf europcar guadeloupe

A trip to Guadeloupe is a dream come true for anyone who loves water activities. Those are popular amongst the majority of the inhabitants as well as the tourists during their vacations.

You can enjoy the sea with the stand-up paddle. This sport allows you to discover the calm waters of the lagoon and the mangrove. Kayaking is a fun and sporty activity perfect for exploring the island of Guadeloupe and its archipelagos with family or friends. The best place for windsurfing is on the south coast of Grande Basse where the winds and currents are favorable to this practice. The catamaran is ideal to discover the island and its coasts while admiring the open sea.

Surfing and kitesurfing are more adventurous sports that appeal to thrill-seekers. Some beaches are dedicated to these activities where speed is king. Others prefer to discover new horizons on board sea scooters and realize spectacular pirouettes for themselves as well as for their play partners. To experience great sensations in another field, scuba diving is a practice that delights explorers of all ages.

Where to go : Discover the √ģlets Pigeon of Basse-Terre by kayak and try an sea scooter while in Saint-Louis, Marie-Galante. Surf the waves on the beach of La Feuill√®re on Marie-Galante Island and explore with your fins and snorkel the Cousteau reserve on Basse-Terre Island.

Drinking in Guadeloupe

rhum-guadeloupe. 408

Guadeloupe has about fifteen different rhums. Numerous local distilleries manufacture these alcohols that tourists can discover along their journey.

Rhums are made from sugar cane juice fermented under the tropical sun.

Local distilleries have various names as well as unique recipes. The one in Bologna makes its rum from spring water filtered from volcanic soil. Damoiseau produces great vintages rhums often rewarded with the gold medal of Paris. The Longueteau distillery is autonomous and creates only alcohol with the sugar cane from tjeir own plantations.

During your trip on an Europcar vehicle, dont forget to visit Ducarbet, Montebello, Séverin, Darboussier, Simmonet, Fajou or Karukera distilleries. To learn more about the local production, the Rum Museum of Sainte-Rose is the place to be. This visit is a must-do if you want to understand more about the ancestral know-how.

Getting there: The distilleries of Bologne and Longueteau are located on the slopes of La Soufrière, while the one of Damoiseau is based in Grande-Terre.

The Soufrière volcano of Guadeloupe

ascension-volcan-soufriere 406

Guadeloupe has a huge active volcano that majestically overhangs the whole island by its gigantism. But this giant of 1467 meters of altitude reserves many surprises from the top of its summit.

This site is part of the National Park of Guadeloupe, where the local flora and fauna develop in harmony. A hike gives visitors the opportunity to admire but also photograph this idyllic and wild place. Lasting 90 minutes with many climbs, this ascent rewards the courageous with its magnificent 360¬į panorama.

La Soufrière is essential to learn more about the island of Guadeloupe. If you don't want to walk, tourists can enjoy the thermal waters at the foot of the volcano which heats the water continuously.

Getting there: To reach the summit, take the Trace du Pas-du-Roy trail from the Bains Jaunes and head towards the Savane à Mulets plateau. Begin the ascent following the Chemin des Dames before finishing your hike at the edge of the crater of La Soufrière.

The city of Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe

The economic capital of the island of Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre has a population of 20 000. It shows a rich history thanks to its colonial buildings, a few old buildings, and its typical Creole wooden houses.

The centerpiece of the city is the Place de la Victoire. Pointe-à-Pitre is a cozy city that organizes many cultural events throughout the year. Local products are sold in lively markets, the most famous of which is that of La Darse.

This city full of history has various museums that trace the important periods of the island of Guadeloupe. Visitors can go to the Memorial Act to discover the mysteries of the creation of Pointe-à-Pitre throughout history.

Our advice: To visit this island, simply get off at Le Raizet airport, located 3 km north of Pointe-à-Pitre. All that remains is to take a rental car in Guadeloupe and drive to your destination.

Waterfalls and rivers of Guadeloupe

waterfall europcar guadeloupe

Many waterfalls and rivers are located in Terre-Basse in the National Park of Guadeloupe.

These preserved places are accessible by hiking or are located near small villages in Basse Terre.

Tourists like to admire the Moreau Falls in the commune of Goyave after a small walk -if the weather is not rainy. In Pointe-Noire, travelers can admire the emerald waters of Saut d'Acomat and Rivière Caillou. In the village of Vieux-Habitants, the Paradis waterfall is very popular. A walk in the forest of Gourbeyre gives the opportunity to the walkers to find the Bassin Bleu.

Adventure awaits hikers with the Ferry River located in the commune of Deshaies. The Bois Malaisé River is lost in the middle of the vegetation of Bouillante, but the most courageous know where to find it. After 20 minutes of walking it is possible to discover the Paradise Basin in Capesterre Belle-Eau. Several paths lead to the Cascade Tambour and its basin close to Petit-Bourg city. Shaded with its dense vegetation, the Coulisse River is located in Trois-Rivières.

Our tip: Use the GPS integrated into the dashboard of your rental car, discover the most beautiful waterfalls and rivers of Terre-Basse of Guadeloupe.

The fauna and flora of Guadeloupe

bird gaudeloupe

Visitors discover a preserved plant and animal world within the National Park of Guadeloupe. Other parks and gardens exist on "Butterfly Island" and are appreciated by the tourists.

Species such as crustaceans and mollusks populate the aquatic funds of the National Park, close to La Reserve Cousteau. Shrimps and lobsters accompany them in these turquoise waters, as well as various marine turtles. Marine mammals explore the waters of Guadeloupe and offer visitors unforgettable moments. The coral reefs are home to a large number of species such as gorgonians and worms.

A multitude of forest and marine birds live in perfect harmony on the island. Thirteen species of bats are present in the National Park, as well as Guadeloupean raccoons.

Many species of flowers are unknown within the National Park, but represent nevertheless, in addition to water lilies, 811 plants.

Getting there: The Guadeloupe National Park and the Cousteau Nature Reserve are located in Basse-Terre. Both can be reached by car. To admire species like reptiles or amphibians, the mangrove of Sainte-Rose is the best place.

The historical sites of Guadeloupe

memorial-acte-guadeloupe 408

Guadeloupe has a few museums that trace the history of this Caribbean island.

One of the most popular is the Mémorial ACTE in Pointe-à-Pitre. There are other places such as the Edgar-Clerc Museum of Amerindian Prehistory in Le Moule or the Museum de la Vie d'Antan in Petit-Canal. In Sainte-Rose, the gourmets can learn the creation of Rum made from sugar canes.

The Gardel sugar factory in Le Moule allows tourists to learn how the locals collect, process and refine sugar from sugar cane plantations. The same is true for the Plantation Grande-Café in Capesterre-Belle-Eau. It is possible to discover the coffee plantation in Vieux-Habitants.

Getting there: The most famous museum is 3 km from the Guadeloupe airport. From this historical place, travel along the coasts of the island where you will find towns with Guadeloupean cultural history.

Hiking in Guadeloupe

arbres europcar guadeloupe

This island gives tourists the opportunity to choose their terrain. The hikers can choose between various activities of walking in the heart of the vegetation among the paths and mountainous slopes. This sport activity helps to discover unusual places on the whole territory of Guadeloupe.

Vacationers continue their exploration by climbing the active volcano of La Soufrière and its breathtaking view. Many walks exist in the heart of Guadeloupe. Walkers observe the nature around them, as well as the fauna hidden among the vegetation.

There are many hikes in Guadeloupe that lead to refreshing rivers and waterfalls with clear turquoise waters. Long walks along the beaches lead the explorers to romantic landscapes and idyllic places. The cities also have tourist circuits in the street according to predefined paths.

Getting there: Pack a good pair of shoes and a large backpack to hold everything you need for your adventure. To avoid getting lost, download the existing hiking maps from the internet or ask at the Tourist Office.

To enjoy these activities in your own pace, think about renting a car in Guadeloupe for your stay.

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