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Guadeloupe, a gastronomic destination

Discover the culinary specialties of Guadeloupe

When we talk about gastronomy in Guadeloupe, it is a festival of perfumes, flavors and colors that amazes our senses. Indeed, the West Indian cuisine is a dazzling mix of Caribbean, African, Western and Asian influences.

Typical starters of Guadeloupe

All restaurants will offer you codfish accras accompanied by spices and peppers. You will also find them in local restaurants, along the beaches of the island.

The fish pancakes are part of the culinary specialties of the island of Les Saintes. They can be found near the pier where the merchants are always happy to help you discover the local cuisine.

Seafood in Guadeloupe

In Guadeloupe, the food is mainly composed of fish, which is eaten in hundreds of ways. The main culinary dish of the island is the fish court-bouillon: a quick cooking of fish in a spicy tomato sauce.

The ombrés and ouassous are huge freshwater crayfish that are eaten grilled or with a typical sauce. You can also discover other fish specialties such as cod chiquetaille or grilled fish with dog sauce during your vacation.

The fricassee of lambis is a typical dish cooked during the period from October to January. This small marine mollusk is simmered with many aromatic herbs and spices before being served with rice or vegetables.

Finally, crab is also very popular in Guadeloupe and is eaten mainly during the Easter and Whitsun periods. The main crab dishes to be tasted are the crab Matété and the crab Catalou.

Meats present in Guadeloupe

In all the Guadeloupean cities you can smell the tempting smell of smoked chicken. The meat is barbecued with sugar cane and served with rice or French fries. bokit and agoulou are local and very hearty meat dishes. They are very popular in Guadeloupe.

One of the specialties of Marie-Galante is the bébélé. Finally, the colombo de cabri is a West Indian dish marinated in the refrigerator with lemon and served with rice or sweet potatoes.

  The favorite desserts of Guadeloupeans

Most of the typical Guadeloupean desserts are coconut-based and you can discover exotic coconut, mango or passion fruit sorbets to help your digestion. You can also taste the coconut flan, available in all the restaurants of the island. You can also discover the kassav, a sweet dessert made of coconut and/or fruits.

Two other Guadeloupean specialties are absolutely to be discovered :

  • The caca bœuf, a specialty of Marie-Galante which takes its name from its appearance. Made with battery syrup (cooked cane juice) and coconut jam, it is a real delight.

  • The love torment, a small cream pie surrounded by shortcrust pastry. Melting and crunchy, this pastry is a specialty of the island of Saintes.

Discover the Guadeloupean cuisine

Don't miss all these Guadeloupean specialties during your stay on the island. Take a trip along the roads of Guadeloupe and enjoy the many typical Creole restaurants. On the beaches or in the ports, it is sometimes possible to taste the gastronomic delights of the island. Don't wait any longer and plan your excursions now.

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