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Car Rental in Guadeloupe - Automatic

Rent an automatic car for maximum comfort

Opt for the comfort of the automatic gearbox to drive the most serenely in Guadeloupe. Our automatic cars for rent cover several categories - city car, sedan, mini SUV, SUV, gasoline, diesel - to meet all desires and preferences: Audi A1, Hyundai Tucson... Find all our available models and book your car online on Europcar Guadeloupe.


You drive an automatic car? Don't change your habits during your vacations and rent an automatic car from Europcar Guadeloupe.

Why choose an automatic car?

An automatic car does not have a clutch. The car automatically selects the speed that matches your pace. It is the best option to enjoy the road in all tranquillity. For a trip on unfamiliar roads, automatic cars are indeed safer. While driving, your attention is focused on the road and the scenery, not on shifting gears.

A car with an automatic transmission will be useful on long distances as well as on short trips. You will also appreciate it even more in traffic jams where the gesture of shifting gears can be very annoying. Finally, family trips will also be easier, especially with children suffering from motion sickness. Indeed, the flexibility of the automatic transmission will relieve them.

The advantage of automatic cars

Without diminishing your driving pleasure, automatic cars offer superior driving comfort. You also benefit from a quieter engine. Often more expensive to buy than manual gearboxes, renting is an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of driving an automatic car.

Automatic cars for rent at Europcar Guadeloupe

To accompany you during your stay in Guadeloupe, we offer three models of cars with automatic transmission.

You will also like to discover our other automatic vehicles: -Rent a BMW X3 automatic in Guadeloupe

-Rent a Toyota Yaris Cross automatic in Guadeloupe

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