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Which commercial vehicle to choose for its car rental in Guadeloupe ?

Practical and economical, the rental of utility vehicles allows individuals as well as professionals to benefit from a car without constraints. Whether you want to organize your move, transport equipment or bulky objects, go to a construction site or make a delivery, renting a commercial vehicle is the right choice! Europcar Guadeloupe offers you a wide range of utility vehicles for rent with a capacity from 3m3 to 16m3 and adapted to your needs.


Driving a commercial vehicle does not require a specific license. A simple B license is all you need. Thus, if you are at least 21 years old and have held your driving license for at least 12 months, you can get behind the wheel of one of the many vans, trucks or pick-ups in the Europcar Guadeloupe Utility range. Note however that for those under 23 years old, the subscription of a "young driver" insurance will be required. It is however important to point out that the handling of a bulky vehicle implies to take some elementary precautions. Indeed, considering the size of the vehicle you will have rented, you will have to be particularly vigilant. You will have to take into consideration the height of your truck when maneuvering near balconies, tree branches, electrical cables. Do not hesitate to have a person on the ground to guide you. The length and width of the vehicle should also be taken into account. Be cautious when entering small alleys or congested streets. Also be careful when passing through the gas station. Some accesses can be congested, making the approach to the pump more complicated. Also remember to distribute your load well and respect the maximum load of the vehicle. Exceeding the total weight of the vehicle can have consequences on your safety. Tires and shocks are crushed and the vehicle can become unbalanced in a curve. In addition, be aware that if you are overloaded, you risk being fined for a traffic violation. Finally, note that the goods you are transporting are not covered in case of theft. Also, remember to always lock all the doors of the vehicle (the side doors are often forgotten!) As you can see, driving a commercial vehicle can be a complicated exercise! Also, if you are driving a van for the first time, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the vehicle in a quiet area with little traffic. Also, to avoid adding extra stress to your moving day, we strongly recommend that you purchase PCDW insurance. This additional guarantee will allow you to reduce your deductible in case of material damage to the vehicle. (Deductible reduction). You will be able to take the road serenely.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, there is always a good reason to rent a utility in Guadeloupe, whatever its type: van, minivan or dump truck!

Renting vans in Guadeloupe for professionals

Depending on your professional activity, you may need a van temporarily or regularly to transport your equipment from one site to another, to deliver parcels to your customers or business partners, to evacuate bulky items... To meet these needs, Europcar Guadeloupe offers a wide range of vans, pickup trucks or pickup trucks. Renting a utility vehicle for a move in Guadeloupe Renting a utility vehicle in Guadeloupe is not only a matter for professionals. Private individuals are also concerned. The SUV is essential for removals, transportation of bulky items to the waste disposal center and repatriation of furniture or household appliances from stores.

Which van for a move?

To find out which van you will need to carry out your move, you need to consider the size of your home and the quantity of items to be moved (beds, sofas, washing machines, dishwashers, gas stoves, armchairs, tables, chairs, TVs, high-tech equipment). In general it is established that for : a small studio: a van up to 5m3 can be enough, it allows to transport about thirty standard boxes an apartment F2/F3: a van up to 12m3 will do (about 80 boxes) a F4/F5 apartment will require a larger truck, of 14m3 (about 100 boxes) Beyond that, a 20m3 truck will be more suitable for moving a large apartment or a house Advice: for a move, plan the rental as soon as possible because, depending on the period, the demand can be high, especially on weekends. Europcar's van rental offer in Guadeloupe In order to meet the needs of individuals and professionals in terms of utility rental in Guadeloupe, Europcar offers a complete range of vehicles:

  • Small vans

  • Medium volume vans

  • Large volume vans

The advantages of renting a utility vehicle with Europcar Guadeloupe

In order to respond in the best possible way to its private and professional customers, Europcar adapts to their needs.

For individuals

Possibility is given to adapt the duration of the rental according to the need. Rent a vehicle for a few hours only, or by the day or even by the month. You can also benefit from the flexibility and additional services of the franchise, such as adding drivers and additional guarantees (such as personal protection or deductible buyback).

For professionals

Europcar Guadeloupe is also flexible for the island's professionals. Make your fleet evolve according to the requirements of your activity, when it exceeds the capacity of your current car fleet.

To get advice on the rental of commercial vehicles for professionals, a dedicated and attentive team will accompany you in the heart of the industrial zone of Jarry. Do not hesitate to discover online our fleet of vans for rent available in our Guadeloupean agencies!

Small volume vans: 1 to 5 m3

By opting for a 3m3 van, such as a Renault Kangoo or similar, you will benefit from a rental vehicle of correct size, compact, pleasant to handle in the city center as well as in the narrower and steeper streets of Guadeloupe, thanks to its dimensions. Whether you are a private individual who wishes to move some things or a professional who thinks of transporting his equipment, you will be able to load the equivalent of 7 standard size boxes. For the more adventurous, renting a pickup truck such as the Toyota Hilux is a combination of robustness and high-tech. This type of vehicle keeps its promise of comfort both in the 5-passenger cabin and on the road: its raised body, its satisfying loading capacity and towing capacity are combined with onboard technology. This type of reliable and sophisticated looking vehicle remains the best ally in inaccessible places if compared to other utility vehicles.

Medium volume vans: 6 to 10m3

Renting an 8m3 van such as a Renault Master Frigo or similar ensures safety and a large volume in the back since it is possible to load small furniture or a cargo equivalent to fifty boxes! Its cabin can accommodate up to 3 passengers in the front. The available volume, the maneuverability and the good road handling are the best assets of this van, and make it an excellent compromise between a compact utility and a 12m3 van. Among our range, it is this type of vehicle that we recommend for moving a small apartment. Look no further for your van rental in Guadeloupe.

Large volume vans: 12 to 20m3

Europcar Guadeloupe also offers you rental vans with an optimal volume up to 20m3. The Renault Master of 14m3 has a loading capacity of about 100 boxes. You can opt for this type of rental vehicle to move business premises or an apartment. Moreover, you are sure to be able to move around the city center but for shorter distances. You can also find specific vehicles, such as the Iveco with tipper or similar among our rental vans, which is particularly suitable for transporting construction materials and site teams of 3 to 5 people. Don't forget that driving a van is not an easy task. Discover the precautions to take before getting behind the wheel of a bulky vehicle.

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