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AEROPORT Pôle Caraïbes


Aeroport Pôle Caraïbes - Abymes 97139 Guadeloupe

Europcar Jarry

Voie principale de jarry - Baie Mahault 97122 Guadeloupe

Europcar Gosier

Pointe de La Verdure - Gosier 97190 Guadeloupe


To meet the needs of all our customers, whether they are tourists or locals, Europcar has 5 car rental agencies spread over the "Papillon" island between Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre and the main cities of Guadeloupe. . The agencies are dispatched so that you can rent a car quickly and easily from your hotel, residence or directly upon your arrival on the island. Let's have a look at these agencies:

  • Point à Pitre Airport: the Pointe à Pitre agency is located in Abymes, right next to the Pôle Caraïbes airport. Perfect to pick up a car as soon as you get off the plane and enjoy your stay without further delay.

  • Jarry : the Europcar agency in Jarry is located in Baie Mahault in the dynamic industrial zone of Jarry

  • Saint-François : the Saint-François agency is located in the Marina of this port and seaside town resolutely turned towards luxury.

  • Deshaies : the Deshaies branch is located in the Langley Resort Royal hotel. The city is a favorite destination for sailboat lovers and is located near the Grande Anse beach.

  • Gosier: the agency of Gosier, third city of Guadeloupe by its population, is located at the Pointe de Verdure.


To allow you to make the most of your stay in Guadeloupe, our five car rental agencies put at your disposal a carefully composed fleet of vehicles. Sedan, monospace, convertible, automatic, 4x4, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Audi, Dacia, Mercedes, Hyundai, Ford, Citroën, BMW... Whatever the brand or category, you will inevitably find the vehicle most suited to your desires and your needs among our wide choice of rental vehicles on the island. Find out more about them:

  • Economy car: a range of the cheapest city cars, generally equipped with low-powered diesel or gasoline engines, with low fuel consumption

  • Sedan / family car: comfortable, spacious cars, they swallow the kilometers easily for pleasant trips.

  • Monospace / minibus: particularly popular and recommended for large families or groups of 7 to 9 people.

  • Suv / 4x4 : ideal to travel around Guadeloupe off the beaten track, driving on bumpy roads and dirt roads. Example : Renault Captur.

  • Automatic : the choice of ease and comfort, cars with automatic transmission are easy to drive, without effort.

  • Fun / Prestige : this category includes high-end vehicles such as the big German cars but also convertibles, with these luxury cars you will be amazed.

  • Cars without a license: as their name indicates, it is not necessary to have a driving license to rent them but it is imperative to be over 21 years old.

Travel around Guadeloupe in complete safety: all our cars are recent, perfectly maintained and checked after each rental.


You have a reduced budget or you wish to optimize it, we propose attractive rates and economic vehicles so that your car rental in Guadeloupe is not expensive. For this purpose, a range of small cars and cars without license exist, you are then given the opportunity to move on the island comfortably in full autonomy and also in full economy!


To enjoy your car rental with complete peace of mind, we offer you assistance on the road 7 days a week. In case of problem, our assistance service will take care of you quickly. For even more peace of mind during your car rental, you can also subscribe to several practical insurance policies such as :

  • cancellation / modification insurance

  • the theft guarantee

  • collision coverage

  • deductible removal

  • young driver protection

  • the guarantee of the transported persons

Because each customer is different, you can optimize and personalize your comfort on board our rental cars with additional options: GPS navigation system, child seats, strollers, roof boxes, occasional driver, home delivery "tomydoor". We do our best to make your daily life easier. In addition to this range of services, Europcar Guadeloupe also allows you, depending on your case :

  • to pay your rental in several times

  • to benefit from the Business Class offer for professionals

  • to pay your deposit online and cut the queues at the counter thanks to our partner Swikly


Guadeloupe is an island with a thousand facets that our travelogues blog proposes you to discover. Between the abundant nature, the historical particularities, the superb beaches, the museums, the steep reliefs, the Creole culture, no doubt that to prepare your visit in this jewel of the French West Indies, you will need some very precise ideas.

Explore Basse-Terre and its wild nature, enjoy the delicious local cuisine, find the most beautiful beaches of fine sand. Discover where to practice your favorite activities on vacation: mountain biking, surfing, canyoning, hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skiing and more. To confirm your desire to come and to help you plan your future stay, the blog is divided into three parts:

  1. Driving in Guadeloupe: to know everything about driving and choosing your rental car in this overseas department.

  2. Activities and leisure : to give you the must-see places not to be missed and to propose you a list of the numerous activities to practice

  3. Europcar news: keep up to date with all the news related to the Guadeloupe franchise.


Europcar Guadeloupe also offers utility vehicle rental. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, our range of vans will allow you to transport your craft equipment, to carry out a move, to bring your bulky items to the waste disposal center, to carry out your parcel deliveries, to move your furniture, to transport your business from one office to another, etc. Europcar Guadeloupe rents a wide range of vehicles of different volumes in order to meet the needs of all its customers:

  • Small vans: vans from 3 to 5m3 like Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic or Peugeot Beeper.

  • Medium volumes: vans from 6 to 12 m3 like the Renault Master.

  • Large volumes: truck with or without tailgate from 14 to 20 m3 like the Iveco vehicles.

  • Specific: 3.5T dump trucks with or without cabin, Pick-ups such as the Toyota Hillux, Volkswagen Navarra or Renault Alaskan.

Why rent a car in Guadeloupe ?

Renting a car is highly recommended to visit the island in the best way, independently and at your own pace. The car is undoubtedly the ideal way to move around, as the public transport network is not yet optimal, despite the relatively small size of the island with 1600km².

Not all areas of the island are served and the schedules are not always respected. You may have to wait a long time at your stop. You should also know that buses do not run on Sundays and in the evening. On the other hand, if you wish to immerse yourself in the local population, to discover and understand it, the bus can be an interesting way to meet people.

Without a car, you lose your freedom of movement and your mobility, you will not be able to go when you prefer to the Guadeloupean tourist places, in particular some rivers of the back country. On the other hand, the road network of Guadeloupe is efficient, major roads have been developed, which has the consequence of reducing travel time between the different points of the island, from Basse-Terre to Grande-Terre, the two main parts of Guadeloupe.

Be careful though, on the roads of Basse-Terre, on this wilder, more mountainous side of the island, the roads quickly become bumpy, steep, winding, sloping. To get there, opt for 4x4 vehicles, SUV. In order to facilitate the driving of tourists and locals, several routes and beaches are marked. Make a list of points to visit, group them by geographical proximity and make your road-trip when you want!

If you are traveling with your family, renting a car is essential, not only you can load all your luggage but you can also go around the beaches with your children, comfortable isn't it? Especially since Guadeloupe is full of beautiful white sand beaches, creeks and turquoise waters in which you will enjoy swimming.

In a few words, renting a car in Guadeloupe is synonymous with autonomy, freedom and comfort, don't hesitate any longer if you want to take full advantage of all the richness of the butterfly island, rent a car directly on the site.

Car rental in Guadeloupe : frequently asked questions

In Guadeloupe, several types of car rental are available to you: family cars, 4x4 and suv for the adventurers, economic cars for the tight budgets, etc. It all depends on what you intend to do during your stay on the island and your taste in cars. It all depends on what you plan to do during your stay on the island and your taste in cars.
Choose an agency close to the hotel or the residence where you will stay or opt for the car rental directly at the airport agency, as soon as you get off the plane to make the most of your stay.
Many car rental companies are present in Guadeloupe, Europcar is a historical and internationally recognized car rental company with 5 agencies spread over the island and a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles.
The price of car rental in Guadeloupe depends on the season (high, medium or low), the type of vehicle, the duration of the rental as well as the day of departure of the rental. It also depends on your needs, the desired comfort and the desired experience on the island. Prices vary from about ten euros to several hundred, even thousands of euros. The average daily price is 20€.
The easiest way to rent a car in Guadeloupe is to book online but you can also book by phone at 0590 93 18 15, by email at ré or go directly to the agency. In all cases, you will need to present a driver's license, an ID, a means of payment and a deposit. Please note that the presentation of the ID and the license is mandatory.
In Guadeloupe, you can rent a car directly at the airport of Pointe à Pitre or in the 4 other agencies (Jarry, Gosier, Saint-François and Deshaies) located at the four corners of the island in Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre.

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