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Guadeloupe : a Surf Destination

Surfing: Guadeloupe, the perfect experience

surf en guadeloupe

The best time to surf in Guadeloupe is between October and May. The water is then at the ideal temperature: between 25 and 29°C, ideal to discover the beaches of Guadeloupe.

During this period, winter lows generate a powerful and regular swell in the north and south of Grande Terre. In Basse Terre, the spots enjoy the trade winds swell coming from the east.

Where are the most famous surf spots in Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe offers more than 35 surf spots where beginners and experienced surfers can come and enjoy the waves in turquoise water.

The spot of Anse-Bertrand on Grande Terre

Its beaches are not lacking in charm with cliffs lining the coast. During the year, this spot hosts local surfing competitions which are usually aimed at surfing professionals.

Getting there: This wild place is located in the north of the island of Guadeloupe. The village is accessible by the N6 and N8 from Port Louis.

The spot of Port Louis on Grande Terre

Known to be one of the most beautiful spots in Guadeloupe. Novices and experienced surfers alike will find waves that suit them. However, the first ones prefer the beach of Anse Souffleur and the second ones the point of Antigue.

How to get there: The beach of Souffleur is located in the extension of the marine cemetery. To get to the Pointe d'Antigue, you just have to park your car in front of the restaurants of Chapelle beach.

surf europcar gaudeloupe

Le Moule spot on Grande Terre

Far from being popular, this spot is nevertheless pleasant to surf. You will always find waves there because it is oriented on the Atlantic side. According to the swell, the choice of the wave is simple, but you must remain vigilant.

To find it: The spot is in front of the Damencourt district in Le Moule. Take the national road 5 and go along the coast before arriving at your destination.

The spot of Saint-François on Grande Terre

It is located between the port of the town and the Raisins Claires beach. Ideal for beginners, this spot is used by surf schools because it is easier to learn. The waves offer surfers a soft and safe coral. Our advice : To learn to surf , choose this spot where you can take some classes.

The spot of Sainte-Anne on Grande Terre

The Helleux beach or Anse Gros Sable is located on the right side of Saint-François beach. The place is perfect to make your first steps and first weapons in the practice of this water sport because the waves do not exceed 1 meter.

To find it: The beach is 6 km from Sainte-Anne in the direction of Saint-François, at the Eden Palm hotel.

The spot of Petit Havre on Grande Terre

In the south of Guadeloupe, this spot is shared by surf and bodyboard lovers. Many sportsmen come to the beach of Petit Havre, as well as families to practice this sport.

How to get there : Take the N4 and leave the road in the direction of the fort of Petit Havre. Take a small road with an evocative name: the road to Petit Havre, before finding the surfing beach.

The spot of Saint-FĂ©lix on Grande Terre

This white sand beach is very popular with the locals who like to surf there. This place is very famous and frequented during the week. The trade winds blow regularly on this beach.

How to get there ? This spot is located at the exit of Gosier in the direction of Sainte-Anne. It is just after the hotel school of the town.

The spot of Bananier in Basse Terre

This salty beach is perfect for beginners. They can surf on a special wave of black volcanic sand in complete safety. Numerous schools with certified instructors are there to accompany you in your learning.

To find it : This spot is located in Capesterre-Belle-Eau, next to the Carbet falls in the commune of Bananier. A small parking lot to get there is hidden on the side.

There are many surf spots in Guadeloupe, some of which have the reputation of having quite difficult access. In order to discover these wonderful spots, Europcar advises you to rent an SUV: (Hyundai Tucson, Dacia Duster...)

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