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The most beautiful gardens of Guadeloupe

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The botanical garden of Deshaies

The botanical garden of Deshaies is one of the most beautiful in Guadeloupe. This floral park of 7 hectares shows a great diversity of plants and unique trees. The history of this garden is even more surprising when you know that it is the former property of the humorist Coluche.

In the heart of the islands of Guadeloupe, this park will make you discover the richness of the flora of the Antilles. It offers about fifteen different themes, such as :

  • the water lily pond

  • the aviary at the lorikeets

  • the orchids

  • the bougainvilleas

  • the banian

  • the waterfall

  • the cactus

  • the tallipot

How to get there: From the city of Pointe-à-Pitre, follow the direction "Deshaies". You will go along the Bay of Deshaies. Once crossed, you will be 1.5 km from the botanical garden of Deshaies.

Beauvallon garden in Basse-Terre

Organized around the old Mont-Bazin house, the Beauvallon garden is located on the heights of Basse-Terre and covers more than 12000 m². This charming garden is an invitation to walk and stroll. The "zen" environment which reigns there gives a soul and a particular meaning to the place.

The Beauvallon garden is known for its numerous rare botanical species. It includes more than 80 varieties of palm trees and a multitude of other species of trees and plants:

  • the baobab

  • the rosewood

  • the resolute

  • the country chestnut tree

  • the country apricot tree

  • the mango tree

  • the soursop tree the soursop tree

The fauna of Guadeloupe is also well represented. It is sometimes possible to attend an exceptional show: meet parrots in freedom, which come to drink in the garden.   How to get there: To access this garden, you have to reach the heights of Basse-Terre, via the National Road 1. Once on the territory, join the Chemin de Beauvallon.

The gardens of Valombreuse in Petit Bourg

The Floral and Animal Park of Guadeloupe is located in the middle of the tropical forest. It is home to nearly 500 species of plants and flowers:

  • heliconias

  • alpinias

  • anthuriums

  • the papyrus

  • water lilies

  • ylang-ylang

  • palms

  • fruit trees

This garden of 5 hectares is a heavenly place where you can walk and bathe. Everyone will find something to see here, since the park has a space where various activities are proposed: quads, pedal boats, water games, inflatable structures, pony rides, angling, trampoline or accrobranche.   Where to find it ? Valombreuse is located 20 minutes from Pointe-à-Pitre. From the city, follow the N1, then cut through the Chemin de Grande Savane. The domain of Valombreuse is located along the road.

The Creole Art Ecomuseum in Sainte-Rose

This museum, located in Sainte-Rose, near the town of Deshaies has the label "Jardin Remarquable". This space offers a complete immersion in the culture, traditions and history of Guadeloupe. All aspects of Guadeloupe are covered: traditional floral decorations, fruits, roots, vegetables, medicinal plants...

In addition to a paradise garden, an open air museum is also located. It retraces the different periods of Guadeloupe, its past and its present. The local heritage is exposed there. Indeed, the history of the Caribbean populations is put forward, as well as the toys "An tan lontan", used by the older peoples.

Getting there: Coming from Deshaies, follow the road to Sofaïa, which is on the right, just before the entrance to Sainte Rose. After a few minutes, you will see a signpost.

The Cantamerle garden

The Cantamerle garden has more than 400 plant species. It is included in the Circuit des Épices proposed by the owners of the place, Michelle and Marc Peronne. This route allows a rich discovery of the Guadeloupean flora and the spices associated with the plants: cinnamon

  • Indian wood

  • nutmeg

  • curry

  • ginger

  • turmeric

  • pepper

In this space of 8000 m², you will have the chance to contemplate several hundred species of plants:

  • tropical flowers

  • palm trees

  • fruit and ornamental trees

How to get there: To get to the Cantamerle Garden, follow the road leading to the Carbet Falls. Then, follow the Chemin Edouard Baron, and go to the place called "L'Habituée".

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