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Discover our selection of the most beautiful waterfalls in Basse-Terre

Discover our selection of the most beautiful waterfalls in Basse-Terre

You want to enjoy wonderful landscapes during your stay in Guadeloupe? The island is full of water spots and waterfalls that will take your breath away. Find our Top 10 waterfalls of the island, all located in Basse-Terre.  

Les chutes de Moreau, Goyave


To admire Les Chutes de Moreau, go to the route Forestière de Douville, located in the commune of Goyave. From there, continue towards the route Forestière de Moreau: you will arrive at a parking lot designed for hikers.

The Moreau Falls hike allows you to discover a beautiful river that winds through a very beautiful dense and humid forest. You will also admire the most beautiful waterfalls of Guadeloupe. The second part of the hike is located in the National Park of Guadeloupe.

Be careful, this hike should only be done in dry weather. In case of rain, the water level can rise quickly and make your expedition dangerous.

Find our top on the best hikes to do in Guadeloupe.

Saut d’Acomat, Pointe-Noire

From Pointe-Noire, in the direction of plage Caraïbes, the first road (D16) leads you to the indicated site. You park your car and start a short walk through the woods, where mango and guava trees thrive. A path, sometimes a little slippery, goes down to the river. Going back up the river a few dozen meters, you reach a pretty waterfall filling a pool with emerald green water, about ten meters in diameter.

Take advantage of your visit to Pointe Noire to stay at the Jardins de la Pointe Noire.

Cascade Paradis, Vieux-Habitants


If the Paradis waterfall is so appreciated, it is for its situation but also and especially for its basin surrounded by basalt organs. This gives it a very particular charm that you will certainly appreciate to its full extent. To get there, go to the village Vieux-Habitants. Then, take the direction of La Grivelière, located at about 6 km. Just after the entrance of this small village, you will see a meadow where you can park your car. 

Rivière Caillou, Pointe-Noire

Far from the traditional tourist circuits, venture into the bed of this marvelous river strewn with huge boulders and dense green vegetation. The Caillou River crosses the city of Pointe Noire.

Bassin bleu, Gourbeyre

From the village of Gourbeyre, take the departmental road D10 in the direction of Plateau du Palmiste. After about 4 km, you will see many information signs about the Bassin Bleu. You will also find some places to park your car on each side of the D10.

The walk to the Bassin Bleu is an easy, pleasant and shady path through the dense and humid forest. Halfway along the trail, you will discover three carbets where you can stop to take a break, have a picnic and enjoy the forest. After half an hour of walking, you will arrive near the waterfall. A few river rocks to step over and you will arrive near a blue pool about 3 meters wide and 5 meters long.

Rivière Ferry

For this 4th waterfall, take the direction of Morne Mazeau and stop about 200 meters before the top.

The Grande Rivière Ferry, located in the commune of Deshaies, is very popular with canyoning enthusiasts because of its beauty and especially because of its numerous waterfalls. There are also beautiful pools and slides.

It is also possible to explore this river by hiking, on the same route as the canyoning but in the opposite direction.

Rivière de Bois Malaisé, Bouillante

The Bois Malaisé River in Bouillante has several magnificent waterfalls. A parking area is provided near the start of the hike.

However, these are quite difficult for hikers to access as there are no trails to reach them. The terrain on either side of the river is also very steep and sloping.

To discover them, we recommend you to prefer canyoning. The area is very popular with canyoneers who enjoy the many beautiful waterfalls along the river.

Paradise, Capesterre Belle-eau


The Paradise Basin can be discovered in barely 20 minutes of walking. This magnificent pool with turquoise waters, in the heart of the rainforest, is relatively easy to access. Located on the Grosse Corde River, it offers you quietness, freshness and beauty in the middle of nature. The water level of the Paradise Basin, with a depth of more than three meters, makes the happiness of divers. This basin is not very touristy and not very frequented. To find it, take the road to Trois-Rivières after Capesterre-Belle-Eau. Then take the direction of the Chutes du Carbet. After about 5 kilometers, you will see the sign "Grosse Corde River". A few hundred meters after this sign, you will see a wooden barrier on the right side of the road. This is where your walk starts: a wooden staircase allows you to go down safely at the beginning of the walk.

Cascade Tambour, Petit-Bourg

Take the road towards the Hauteurs Lézarde and continue on the road to Diane. A large green space will allow you to park your vehicle. The magnificent basin and the waterfall of the Tambour River in the town of Petit-Bourg are accessible by a semi-aquatic hike from Diane on the Heights of Lézarde. There is another option to reach this waterfall with a departure located at the parking lot of the picnic area of Bain à Colo on the Forestière de la Lézarde road. This option also allows seeing another waterfall located on the Ravine Gras.

La Coulisse, Trois-Rivières

Located in the commune of Trois-Rivières, this discreet basin is fed by the Petit Carbet river, which is named La Coulisse river after one of the city's sugar houses. This magnificent basin has a waterfall shaded by dense vegetation. To get there you will have to take the La Coulisse road. The basin and its waterfall are located below in a bend. To make the most of your stay, discover also our selection of 5 visits not to be missed in Guadeloupe to make with your family.

Rent your car and explore the best waterfalls in Guadeloupe

The tropical paradise of Guadeloupe offers stunning waterfalls amidst its lush tropical forests and rugged mountains. Renting a vehicle is the best way to explore the scenic roads and hidden gems of the island at your own pace.

A trip to Guadeloupe to discover its majestic waterfalls is a magical experience not to be missed.

You will also enjoy discovering the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe.

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