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Discover the Soufrière volcano

The Soufrière volcano: a 360° panorama

Every year 300 000 people go to the ascent of this giant. Its highest point makes it the only place that offers an ideal view on the mountainous massifs of Guadeloupe. Travelers can observe the north and south of Basse-Terre, the Petit Cul de Sac Marin, Grande Terre, the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding islands.

Nestled in the heart of the Guadeloupe National Park, the Soufrière volcano is a unique place of striking beauty. This volcano is still active. Two volcanic eruptions have been recorded during the 20th century, the last one in 1976. This place is always under surveillance for the safety of the inhabitants and the tourists.

Important: for the last months, fumaroles have been escaping from the chimneys of the summit. These fumes can be potentially dangerous if you breathe them at the top of the wheel. Be careful if you have planned to climb the volcano with your family, especially with small children, and stay at least 50 meters away from the craters and chasms that release these fumaroles.

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Go for a hike towards the ascent of La Soufrière

From the parking lot of Bains Jaunes, the ascent begins. Hikers can start their walk on the Savane à Mulet plateau. It is possible to admire from this point of view the archipelagos that surround the island.

The hike continues with the Chemin des Dames. This part of the ascent is steeper and requires more precautions. All along the way, beautiful landscapes are visible. The ascent ends at the top of the volcano with a panoramic view.

Don't forget: Take a good pair of walking shoes and a backpack to carry water and snacks. A pair of binoculars is recommended to admire the landscape in the distance.

Admire the volcanic beauty of La Soufrière

Discover the Faujas landslide on the edge of the Savane à Mulet or the large fault or northern crack at the end of the Chemin des Dames climb. The first one is the result of a volcanic eruption in 1798 where nature took over. The second one separates the volcano in two parts.

The summit of the volcano with its evocative name, La Découverte, shows you its beauty at 360°. Next to this point of view, the Toussaint abyss and its sulfur vapors are imposing. In a row, two other craters appear, the Dupuy crater and the Napoleon chasm.

Discover a rich diversity of flora

The luxuriant vegetation of the Soufrière volcano is mainly composed of bromeliads which resist the gaseous emissions of the giant. The flanks of the volcano are more covered by sphagnum moss and lycopods. At the top, botany lovers can discover beds of orchids without forgetting the yellow mountain flower, emblem of Guadeloupe.

Our tip: Take good hiking shoes to follow your children who will want to discover the insects in the middle of the many flowers present on the sides of the volcano.

Relax in the thermal waters of the Soufrière volcano

The Yellow Baths are water basins fed by natural springs that come from the volcano. They heat the water in these natural pools located at an altitude of 950 meters. The pools are maintained and cleaned by the staff to ensure optimum comfort for the bathers. A real place of relaxation, this place is a natural spa that delights young and old.

It is appreciated by the locals who like to bask in these warm sulfurous waters. Their properties are known to revitalize the skin and muscles.

How to get there: The Yellow Baths are located next to the parking lot of the place that bears the same name, which is located at the foot of the volcano.

Which vehicle to choose to go to the Soufrière volcano ?

Go on an adventure and discover the secrets of the Soufriere volcano thanks to car rental with Europcar Guadeloupe.

  • With your family , choose our minivans : 7 seats of great comfort to reach the foot of the Guadeloupean volcano.

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Driving to the Soufriere Volcano. To start your ascent of the volcano, go to the place called "Bains Jaunes". A small parking lot is available there. Take the ascent on the Pas-du-Roy trail before arriving at the Savane à Mulet where the real ascent begins.

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