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Discovert the mangrove of the Grand Cul-de-sac marin

The mangrove in brief

A tropical forest in the heart of the territory

The Grand Cul-de-sac marin is a unique space of 15 000 hectares. It connects the north of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, by the salt river. This framework includes areas classified as "Nature Reserve", since 1987 and covers 6 lagoons. It is within this reserve that the mangrove flourishes, on 3 000 hectares. It is part of the "spaces and environments to be preserved according to the ecological interest they present".

The creation of this exceptional place aims at maintaining and preserving the mangrove coastline and the peripheral maritime areas. In the heart of the mangrove, a low tropical forest 30 meters high, animal and plant species are protected from all human interventions.

The main goals:

  • to safeguard and preserve the fragile ecosystem

  • allow the animals to live peacefully sheltered from the misdeeds of Man

Along the sea or further inland, the mangrove rises from the water level. It can be of different types: high, seaside or shrubby. It is characterized by the "mangrove" tree, which has large roots penetrating the water. These same roots allow the blossoming of a marine ecosystem and the development of different crustaceans.

The fauna of the mangrove: an exceptional ecosystem

Guadeloupe is known for its atypical universe and its rich natural environment. Indeed, in the heart of the mangrove, many species cohabit:

  • birds

  • various species of fish

  • turtles

  • shellfish

  • crustaceans

  • reptiles

  • many families of corals

Other animals, more common, can enjoy the heart of the mangrove. It is notably the case of rats, raccoons, mongooses or crabs.

A unique nature to discover

Discovering the biodiversity of a territory, must be done in consideration of the places, the inhabitants and the life. The mangrove swamps and the sea beds are attractive, but tourism must be done in the respect of the natural heritage. It is still possible to discover this unique nature. Discover the unique trees, such as the red mangrove trees with their giant, marine roots.

With your Europcar Guadeloupe rental car, go to one of the many boats heading to the Grand Cul-de-sac marin. Once there, it is possible to explore the mangrove on foot, by canoe or by small boat. The walk can be done alone, with others or with a guide. Young and old will discover the secrets of this wonderful vegetation.

Within the ecosystem, a wooden bridge allows you to enter the mangrove with dry feet. For the more adventurous, a hiking trail is designed to discover the mangrove of Guadeloupe, from the inside. A day or a half-day is enough to apprehend the whole mangrove space.

In order to preserve the calm of the place, prefer a serene discovery by canoe or manual boat.

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