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🌎Are you planning a trip to Guadeloupe for two, with family or friends? Then there is surely a question that you have asked yourself: What is the best time to travel to Guadeloupe? 

Actually, there is no better period than another one: your choice will be mostly influenced by the experiences you want to live ( ex: Guadeloupe's festivals ) while visiting Guadeloupe, as well as by the weather you want to see, or your budget. In the end, Guadeloupe is always a first choice destination, whether you are a fan of beach tourism, cultural visits or sports vacations!

📖​In this short guide, Europcar Guadeloupe, the car rental expert in Guadeloupe, offers you some answers...


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Planning your trip

In any season, the water temperature in Guadeloupe is around 27/30°C: the sea is always welcoming!

The first thing to know when planning your travel to Guadeloupe is the island does not have the same climatic calendar as mainland France. Indeed, Guadeloupe has 2 different seasons :

☀️ The wet season,

🌧️ The dry season.

The differences between these two seasons lead to many divergences, which will impact your stay in Guadeloupe. It is mainly the activities available that won't be the same, but in any case, the heat will always be present: it is always hot in Guadeloupe! In rainy or dry weather, the cultural richness of Guadeloupe, as well as a large number of activities available, means that you can't get bored on the Island of Beautiful Waters! So let's check out the advantages and disadvantages of each season, to help you plan your stay!

Going to Guadeloupe during the wet season

The wet season, also called "winter season", corresponds to the period from May to November.

Contrary to what one might think, this is the hottest time of the year in Guadeloupe, with an average temperature of 30°C.

Tropical showers are abundant and common in this season: this is the main disadvantage of this season. To get around, renting a car in Guadeloupe would be a good idea to avoid getting soaked on every trip!

However, these showers will not block you during your stay, for several reasons.

First of all, because swimming, the favorite leisure activity of tourists, remains extremely pleasant, with a water temperature close to 30°C during the wet season (with an average of 28°C!). All the sports practices on the sea are therefore very amusing to realize in wet season: scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing or kite-surfing.

Guadeloupe is also a land of culture. When it rains, go and discover this aspect of Guadeloupe! The religious buildings to visit are numerous and offer a wide range of architectural styles. The rhum distilleries are also a singular visit and particularly anchored in the Guadeloupean culture. The different cities of Guadeloupe offer a very a wide range of cultural visits, like the city of Abymes, the most populated of the island, and which counts several monuments classified as Historical Monuments. Guadeloupe is not only a destination for sea and beach lovers, but also a very popular cultural destination. 

In addition, outside the school vacations, tourists are a little less numerous, which represents several advantages :

  • The traffic in Guadeloupe during this period will be much more pleasant,

  • The atmosphere is more relaxed and the tourist sites, bars and restaurants are less crowded,

  • Underwater observation is one of the main activities available during this period: fewer tourists lead to fewer boats. The fish are therefore more numerous since they are less bothered !

Finally, going to Guadeloupe in the wet season is an excellent idea for all nature lovers. Indeed, the rainfall waters the vegetation, which is luxuriant at the end of the previous dry season! This is the season when wild plants are in bloom, and for hiking lovers, it is a real natural spectacle that unfolds before your eyes.

On the budget side, going to Guadeloupe in low season means saving money if you avoid school vacations: it is during this period that reservations, plane tickets and car rentals in Guadeloupe are the cheapest. Be careful though, between August and mid-November, the number of storms and cyclones is much higher than normal: this is the cyclone season. Most tourist sites are closed, as well as many travel and rental agencies. This is a period to be reserved for an informed public!


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Going to Guadeloupe during the dry season

As opposed to the wet season, the dry season in Guadeloupe extends from December to April. With its average temperature of 27°C (sometimes it is possible to exceed 30/32°C), a sea water at 26/27°C and a full sun most of the time, it is for sure the perfect time to go to Guadeloupe if you want a vacation under the sign of the beach, the sun and the heat. It is a good time for many activities in Guadeloupe, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, nature or cultural visits or hiking, which are more difficult and less pleasant in the wet season because of the rain. It is also a very good way for tourists to experience Christmas and New Year's Eve under the sun, something quite atypical!

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Just after Christmas, you will have the opportunity to see the famous carnival of the island of Guadeloupe! For two months from January 1st, carnival groups will parade in several cities of Guadeloupe. Percussion instruments, dances and of course shimmering costumes will be at the rendezvous every Sunday, until Ash Wednesday. Thanks to the omnipresent sun (at least 11 hours of sunshine!), you can go trekking and visit the most beautiful natural sites and the numerous waterfalls of Basse-Terre, going down from the Soufrière. Moreover, the most athletic will be able to enjoy the very green and wild landscapes that lead to the foot of La Soufrière, the famous volcano of Guadeloupe, with an altitude of 1467 m. After more than 3 hours of hiking in the middle of nature, even the most athletic will find a challenge since they will be able to try to climb the last 200 meters by climbing its side! Conclusion: To summarize the very mild Guadeloupean weather, here is a table showing temperatures and sunshine duration all year long in Guadeloupe :

Temperatures europcar guadeloupe

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Going to Guadeloupe is never a bad idea: each season has its own charms, and the warm temperatures all year round allow you to go without any headaches, whatever the period you choose. The many activities are always available no matter what season you choose, so it's entirely up to your preference! However, it is better to prepare your stay, especially by planning your accommodation and means of transport. To do so, think of Europcar, leader in car rental in Guadeloupe !

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