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All Saints' Day in Guadeloupe, everything you need to know

All Saints' Day in Guadeloupe: Between Tradition and Celebration

The All Saints' Day vacations are a special time to celebrate and rejuvenate as a family. This year, why not opt for a getaway to Guadeloupe? Between religious traditions and island discovery, All Saints' Day in Guadeloupe offers a unique experience, combining celebration, relaxation and exploration. This article is a comprehensive guide to enjoying your All Saints' Day vacation in Guadeloupe. It includes activities such as celebrating, visiting cemeteries and discovering this beautiful Caribbean island.

Europcar helps you get around the island with our rental cars in Guadeloupe to experience this unforgettable event.


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All Saints' Day: a national event

All Saints' Day is an opportunity for the people of Guadeloupe to gather in cemeteries to remember and honor their dead. After carefully tending the graves, it's traditional to go to the cemetery to embellish and illuminate the dead. Younger members of the family gather the remains of candles into a ball called the "candle poop" and throw them at each other, hiding behind the graves.

On the evening of November 1st, All Saints' Day, Guadeloupeans are accustomed to visiting cemeteries to light them up.

November 1st is considered All Saints' Day, as it is a public holiday in Guadeloupe. November second is also a public holiday, known as Day of the Dead, and many Guadeloupeans visit the cemeteries. It's a pleasant occasion for many to catch up with friends or even family. This tradition has its origins in a variety of sources, including African ancestor worship and Christian worship of the dead. Cleaning the graves symbolizes the fact that the deceased have not been completely forgotten, even if for them death is simply a matter of a coffin, parsley and spearmint.

What's the weather like on All Saints' Day in Guadeloupe ?

Despite the fact that the dry season extends from December to May, during the month of November the climate in Guadeloupe is sunny for most of the day and temperatures vary between 22°C and 31°C.

Enjoy the natural and urban wonders of Basse-Terre, Deshaies or Pointe-à-Pitre, Marie-Galante, without fear of rain.

An ideal time for a family getaway

All Saints' Day is one of the best times to visit Guadeloupe. It's the school vacations, so why not take a family trip to visit this magnificent island? Guadeloupe offers a wide range of family-friendly activities. You can visit wildlife parks, botanical gardens and museums to learn more about the island's culture and history. Children can also enjoy water parks, zoos or take part in boat excursions to observe dolphins and sea turtles.

Rent a car to visit Guadeloupe on All Saints' Day

Renting a car in Guadeloupe is a wise choice for exploring this paradise island, especially during All Saints' Day. With a rental car, you can easily visit the island's many tourist attractions. Magnificent white sand beaches, colorful markets and fascinating historical sites await you!


© Credit source : Canva

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