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Blog | Guadeloupe Carnival

In Guadeloupe, the carnival is a symbolic institution that each year continues for about two months, between Epiphany Sunday and Ash Wednesday. Join the festivities!

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Guadeloupe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean, and January is certainly one of the most pleasant months to visit this wonderful island. With mild temperatures, beautiful beaches, a rich culture and an incredible culinary scene, Guadeloupe has everything you need for a perfect vacation.

Come and spend unforgettable moments in the islands of Guadeloupe! Lush nature, dream beaches, sun at its zenith, outdoor activities and postcard landscapes.

With its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, Creole cuisine and vibrant colors, Guadeloupe is a dream Easter vacation destination. Whether you're looking for pure relaxation, outdoor adventure or immersion in a rich local culture, this Caribbean island has it all.

Contrary to othercountries where December is cold and snowy in some places, in Guadeloupe, this month is synonymous with sun, blue sky and warm sea! The climatic conditions are ideal to stay on the island.

For the end of the year celebrations, and Christmas in particular, have you thought of coming to Guadeloupe? It is a popular destination at this time of year because of the pleasant climate but also because of the traditional and folkloric aspect of the event. Between singing and gastronomy, find the good reasons to spend Christmas in Guadeloupe.

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