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The incredible carnival of Guadeloupe

2 months of festivities in Guadeloupe

The Carnival period shows the vitality of the inhabitants dressed in bright and joyful colors whose diversity underlines the cultural richness. Many symbolic moments take place from day to night. The whole group ends up electing a king and a queen during this carnival filled with laughter and music.

Let's not forget Vaval, a sound puppet, on which a mask is glued, that is condemned to the stake in the evening at the end of the course, so that it rises from its ashes the following year, more victorious, for the greatest joy of young and old.

Festivities under the sign of music

At the heart of the Carnival, the streets are invaded by numerous carnival groups in which four categories are distinguished: - The skin groups ("Gwoup a po"): hundreds of musicians march to the rhythm of animal skin drums, chachas and horns (or conch shells) with lambis. - Ti Mass" groups: young artists march with masks and use a variety of percussion instruments consisting of steel pans combined with plastic drums, snare drums, and whistles. - The snare drum groups: the players with heterogeneous costumes, make the sound of their brass instruments resound in the distance, from the top of their floats overhanging the procession. - The synth bands: on foot, these small groups slide their dexterous fingers over the keys or strings of their synthesizers, basses and guitars in an electric atmosphere.

  Rent a car to enjoy Carnival

Carnival celebrations take place in every city on the island: organize an unforgettable road trip with Europcar car rental, following the events calendar. Take part in the Miss Carnival elections, a convivial event with a sparkling atmosphere.

We put at your disposal a large choice of vehicles for a comfortable trip on the roads of Guadeloupe : choose the car that suits you.

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