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Guadeloupe in October: Events and Activities Not to Miss

Guadeloupe, with its enchanting landscapes and tropical climate, is a popular year-round destination. Take advantage of the low season in October to discover a wealth of activities and events. Whether you're into nature, culture, or relaxation, you'll find your bliss under the Guadeloupean sun.

Enjoy your stay in Guadeloupe in October and explore the must-see activities and practical tips to plan your vacation.

Is the Weather Nice in Guadeloupe in October?

In October, Guadeloupe offers pleasant and sunny weather.

🌤️ Guadeloupe Weather in October

In October, Guadeloupe enjoys warm and sunny weather with pleasant temperatures and low precipitation. The climate is ideal for beach activities and outdoor adventures.

🌧️ Does It Rain in October in Guadeloupe?

Generally, October falls within the rainy season in Guadeloupe, but showers are often brief and followed by clear skies. You can expect many sunny days despite occasional rain showers.

🌡️ Average Temperatures in October in Guadeloupe

Temperatures in Guadeloupe in October range from 24°C to 30°C. Days are warm, and nights are pleasantly mild, perfect for outdoor evening activities.

🌊 Sea Temperatures in October in Guadeloupe

Sea temperatures in October in Guadeloupe are very pleasant, averaging around 28°C. It's an ideal time for swimming, diving, and other water activities.

7 Places to Visit in Guadeloupe in October

In Guadeloupe, October offers a plethora of activities! You'll have the opportunity to explore numerous natural, cultural, and historical sites. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, you'll find it here. With our deep knowledge of the island, we've selected 7 must-visit locations for you:

La Soufrière 

This active volcano, nicknamed "La Vieille Dame," offers a spectacular hike to its summit where you can admire breathtaking panoramic views of the island and the Caribbean Sea. Difficulty Level: moderate to difficult. Allow 3 to 4 hours for the ascent and descent.

Les Chutes du Carbet 

Composed of three waterfalls, Les Chutes du Carbet are surrounded by lush vegetation and offer varied hiking trails. The first waterfall, the tallest at 115 meters, is easily accessible via a well-marked trail. Ideal for a family outing. Difficulty Level: moderately easy. Allow approximately 1 to 2 hours round trip for this excursion.

Pointe des Châteaux 

Located at the eastern tip of Grande-Terre, this picturesque site is famous for its unique rock formations and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. A short hike leads to a cross atop a hill offering incredible panoramic views. Don't forget your camera! The trail is easy and takes about 30 minutes round trip, perfect for a family outing or to admire the sunrise.

Réserve Cousteau 

Located around the Pigeon islets, this marine reserve is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. The marine biodiversity is exceptional, with colorful corals, turtles, tropical fish, and sometimes even dolphins. Boat excursions are available to explore the underwater world.

Plage de Grande Anse 

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe, Grande Anse offers a vast expanse of golden sand and turquoise waters perfect for swimming. It's also an ideal spot to relax under coconut trees and enjoy the sun. Local restaurants nearby serve typical dishes.


This charming fishing village is known for its tranquil beaches, magnificent botanical garden, and laid-back atmosphere. The Deshaies Botanical Garden houses an incredible variety of tropical plants and a collection of exotic birds. Recommended visit for nature lovers.

Musée Saint-John Perse 

Located in Pointe-à-Pitre, this museum is dedicated to Saint-John Perse, a French poet and diplomat and Nobel laureate in Literature. The museum offers a fascinating dive into the history and culture of Guadeloupe through exhibitions of documents, photos, and personal items. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Fruits and Vegetables in Season in October in Guadeloupe

In October, indulge in the delights of Guadeloupe's local produce by savoring seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here's a selection of treasures you can enjoy this month:

🥑 Fruits in Season in October in Guadeloupe

Guava: Sweet and juicy, guava is ideal for desserts, jams, and juices. Besides being delicious, it's rich in vitamin C and fiber, making it excellent for boosting the immune system and improving digestion.

Mango: Still available in October, mango is perfect for fruit salads, smoothies, or simply enjoyed fresh. Its sweet and fragrant flesh makes it an irresistible delight. Mangos are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

Pineapple: Sweet and tangy, pineapple can be enjoyed fresh, as juice, or incorporated into various recipes. It's rich in vitamins and beneficial enzymes for digestion, such as bromelain, which helps reduce inflammation and improve protein digestion.

Starfruit: Also known as star fruit due to its shape, carambola is crisp and slightly tart. It can be added to salads, used as a garnish for cocktails, or simply eaten fresh. Starfruit is also low in calories and rich in vitamin C.

🥔 Vegetables in October in Guadeloupe

Yam: A nourishing tuber used in many traditional Guadeloupean dishes. It can be boiled, roasted, or mashed and is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins. Yam is also an excellent source of fiber, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Chayote: This versatile vegetable can be eaten raw, cooked, stuffed, or au gratin. Its soft and crunchy texture makes it an ideal ingredient for various dishes. Christophine is low in calories and rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Potato: With its sweet flavor, sweet potato is perfect for roasting, mashing, or in soups. It's also rich in vitamins A and C, as well as fiber. Sweet potato is also an excellent source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that supports eye and skin health.

Okra: Often used in stews and soups for its unique taste and slightly sticky texture, okra is rich in vitamins and minerals, adding an exotic touch to dishes. Okra is also known for its beneficial properties for digestion and cardiovascular health.

What to Pack for Guadeloupe in October?

When traveling to Guadeloupe in October, don't forget to pack the following essentials:

  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from intense UV rays.

  • Reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin and marine ecosystems.

  • A hat to shield yourself from the sun.

  • Hiking shoes for exploring the island's trails.

  • Mosquito repellent to protect against insects.

How to Dress in Guadeloupe in October?

In October, it's advisable to wear lightweight and comfortable clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses. It's also wise to add a light jacket or sweater to your wardrobe for cooler evenings.

Do You Need a Car to Explore Guadeloupe in October?

You can count on us! We offer a wide selection of new and clean vehicles, and we're ready to welcome you.

🚗♻️ Drive responsibly and consider carpooling.


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