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December in Guadeloupe, a good month to travel ?

The last month of the year is an excellent time to visit the archipelago. At this time of the year, many tourists from around the world rush to this destination. Take advantage of this period to spend the end of the year celebrations in a festive atmosphere!

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Climate and weather in Guadeloupe in December

In Guadeloupe, the month of December is part of the dry season, also called Lent, which runs from November to April. This period is the best time to discover the island.


In December the Guadeloupean weather is mild and the temperatures are among the most pleasant of the year. The mercury climbs to 30 degrees during the day, on average. At night, temperatures range from 19 degrees to 24 degrees, your sleep will not be affected by the climate.

Water temperature

The sea in Guadeloupe is warm all year round, in December it has an average temperature of 27 degrees. Take advantage of this to enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing or any other nautical activity on the numerous spots of the island.


December is at the beginning of the dry season and is therefore one of the months with the lowest rainfall of the year. It rains on average 135 mm over 16 days. As a comparison, in September (in the middle of the rainy season) rainfall is 235 mm over 17 days and in February (in the middle of the dry season), there is only 65 mm of rain over 12 days.


What to do in Guadeloupe in December?

In December, the activities to do in Guadeloupe are countless! Cultural visits, hikes, shopping, lazing around, water activities, etc. You are spoiled for choice.

Beaches, between idleness and water activities

As we just explained, the weather in December in Guadeloupe is ideal to spend your days at the beach! The island benefits from a multitude of coves, wherever you are on the island, you will find one nearby. Some of them are particularly well known for their idyllic setting such as the Caravelle beach, the Souffleur cove or the Raisins Clairs beach. Find our top 5 of the most beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe!

For the water activities, the month of December lends itself well to them. Treat yourself to sensations and beautiful memories:

  • surfing

  • kitesurfing

  • paddle

  • diving

  • windsurfing

  • fishing

Landscapes, nature and hikes

The landscapes of Guadeloupe are admirable, and the luxuriant nature of the island is bewitching. With the good weather in December, go on hiking trails to enjoy breathtaking panoramic places and immerse yourself in the rainforest. Discover the Carbet Falls, climb the Soufrière, cross Basse-Terre by the route de la Traversée and stop at the Maison de la Fôret... There are so many places to discover that you will have to make choices! To save time during your travels, don't hesitate to rent a car in Guadeloupe.

Visit museums

There are many museums to discover and visit in Guadeloupe. Some of them are even unavoidable and testify of the history of the island like the Act Memorial (museum dedicated to slavery in Guadeloupe).

Find a list of other Guadeloupean museums to visit if you have time during your visit in December :

  • The Schœlcher Museum, in Pointe-à-Pitre

  • The Saint-John-Perse museum, in Pointe-à-Pitre

  • The Edgar-Clerc museum in Le Moule

  • The Ecomuseum of Marie Galante

  • The Creole Ecomuseum of Guadeloupe, in Sainte-Rose

  • The rum museum, in Sainte-Rose

  • The coffee museum, in Vieux-Habitants

  • The shell museum, in Pointe-Noire

  • The museum of the seed, in Trois-Rivières

  • The cane museum, in Port-Louis

  • The museum of Guadeloupe, in Basse-Terre

  • The museum costumes and traditions of Guadeloupe

  • The museum of photography in Gourbeyre

  • The Gerty-Archimède museum in Basse-Terre

  • The museum L'Herminier in Pointe-à-Pitre

  • House of the forest on the road of the Crossing

  • House of wood in Pointe-Noire

  • House of cocoa in Pointe-Noire

  • House of coffee in Vieux-Habitants

  • House of bananas in Trois-Rivières

  • Coconut house in Saint-François

Christmas in Guadeloupe

Spending part of December in Guadeloupe is an opportunity to rediscover Christmas. Indeed, for a European, this holiday is synonymous with snow, Christmas tree and warm clothes. For a Guadeloupean, Christmas is celebrated under the sun, in light clothing, under the coconut trees and in a festive atmosphere!

With the Chanté Nwel, traditional songs take on Creole accents and invite to dance and joy in all the cities and villages of the island. You are interested in visiting Guadeloupe during Christmas ? Consult our article, we tell you everything !

Xmas in Guadeloupe
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