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Spending Christmas in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe's climate at Christmas, sunny weather

What is certain if you go to Guadeloupe at the end of December, is that you will not find snow, unless it is artificial. At the end of the year the Guadeloupean climate is simply magnificent, it is warm, the sky is clear, deep blue and the sun floods the island with its rays.

A pure invitation to idleness, relaxation and tanning. A month of December in light clothes, far from anoraks, down jackets and other thick coats. It is enough to dream, yet it is only a few hours from the metropolis...

The Guadeloupean Christmas between folklore, festivities and good mood The weather is not the only thing worth visiting in Guadeloupe at the end of the year. The Christmas spirit permeates the island and spreads in an original, warm, festive, Creole atmosphere!


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The tradition of Chanté Nwel in Guadeloupe

In the West Indies and thus in Guadeloupe, the chanté Nwel is an important part of local folklore. The chanté Nwel are Christmas songs adapted in Creole and set to the rhythm of local sounds; drums, biguines, gwo-ka. During the whole period before the 25th of December, friends and family gather in public squares, in front of houses... to offer a musical, warm and original show. It is necessary to say that Christmas carols arranged on zouk do not leave marble and quickly invite to the dance step. A change of scenery is guaranteed for the metropolitan population! Beyond the musical aspect, the Guadeloupean nwel song is worthy of the Christmas spirit. It is above all a moment of conviviality, good mood and sharing.

The traditional Christmas meal in Guadeloupe

The traditional Guadeloupean Christmas meal puts pork in the spotlight, at least for the main dishes. The most popular dishes are caramelized ham with brown sugar, pork stew and spicy blood sausage. The side dishes include rice, pigeon peas (a legume similar to lentils) and yams. Copious gastronomic specialties to be discovered without hesitation if you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in the archipelago.

On the drink side, December 24th is also the occasion to serve punch, rum and especially schrubb, a traditional liqueur made of old rum in which orange peels have been macerated for several weeks. As for the dessert, it is usually the famous blancmange coco which is most often found on the tables at the end of the meal.

Nwel kakado of Vieux-Habitants

Among the many Christmas festivities is the nwel kakado in the coastal village of Vieux-Habitants in Basse-Terre. This festival is probably the most famous of the island, it begins on the 1st Friday of Advent. During the whole period before Christmas, there are various animations, rituals, illuminations, election of the Queen of the crib and, of course, a lot of nwel songs. The kakado comes from the name of a small river crayfish that was eaten during this time of the year by the old generations in the working classes. Since then, pork has replaced the crustacean !   To get to Vieux-Habitants for this festive event, don't hesitate to rent a car in Guadeloupe and move around as you please.


© Credit source : Canva

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