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The West Indies Green Festival in Guadeloupe © Crédit source : Outre-Mer La 1ère

Why not visit Guadeloupe in June? 

June is one of the best months to discover the Guadeloupe archipelago. It's the start of the summer season, a period eagerly awaited by locals and visitors alike in search of a change of scenery and relaxation. Guadeloupe in June marks the start of the summer vacations for many, offering a lively, festive atmosphere. The locals get ready to welcome tourists with warmth and conviviality. What's more, many cultural and festive events take place throughout the month. These include the famous Music Festival, which invites music lovers to enjoy open-air concerts and musical performances throughout the archipelago, and the Westindies Green Festival.

Guadeloupe in June: events and activities not to be missed

The Music Festival

The event 

Every year on June 21, many towns are transformed into a veritable sound show, welcoming local artists of all styles for open-air concerts and dynamic performances.

The Fête de la Musique in the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre remains a not-to-be-missed annual event, highlighting the diversity and richness of the Guadeloupean music scene.

However, you'll also find entertainment in many of the island's towns and cities to make the most of this remarkable event.

Why go?  

Discover the haunting melodies of zouk, reggae, Creole jazz, gwo-ka and other musical genres echoing through the city, creating an electric, festive atmosphere.La Fête de la Musique offers an opportunity to discover new talent, get carried away by the rhythm of the drums and experience moments of joy and happiness.

The Westindies Green Festival

The event 

The Westindies Green Festival is much more than just an event: it's a celebration of collective commitment to the environment in the Caribbean. This unique event brings together people from all walks of life with a common goal: to promote sustainable living that respects the planet.

Why go?  

The Westindies Green Festival offers a diverse range of activities, including inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, educational exhibitions and concrete action on the ground. This dynamic platform aims to raise awareness, educate and mobilize communities towards more environmentally-friendly practices.

What to do in and around Le Moule?  

During your visit to Le Moule, don't miss the opportunity to discover the Moulin de Bézard, an emblematic historic site in the region.  Then, why not take a hike to the Pointe de la Grande Vigie? This spectacular point offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, immerse yourself in local history at the Musée Edgar Clerc. This captivating ethnographic establishment offers rich and varied exhibits on the history and culture of Guadeloupe. 

The Rendez-vous in the gardens

The Rendez-vous in the gardens is a national event held every year at the beginning of June. It celebrates the richness and diversity of gardens. Every year, public and private gardens open their doors to the public, offering guided tours, workshops and a variety of activities. It's the perfect opportunity to discover exceptional green spaces, meet passionate gardeners and appreciate the beauty and serenity of gardens.

Take advantage of this event to discover several exceptional sites in Guadeloupe, including the botanical garden at Deshaies and the gardens of the Edgar Clerc museum at Le Moule.


The Rendez-vous in the Gardens of Guadeloupe © Crédit source : Ministère de la culture

Town festivals: Baie-Mahault and Le Moule

  • Baie-Mahault: June 20-24, 2024

  • Le Moule: June 27, 2024

Town festivals are not-to-be-missed events that honor patron saints. They offer an immersion in local culture with colorful parades, concerts and a variety of shows. Visitors can also enjoy craft markets, local food stalls and a variety of entertainment for the whole family, making these festivities moments of conviviality and sharing.

Public holidays in Guadeloupe in June 

Father's Day: June 16, 2024

Is the weather nice in Guadeloupe in June? 

Indeed, the month of June is characterized by sunny and pleasant weather in Guadeloupe.

🌤️ Guadeloupe's weather in June

In June, Guadeloupe generally enjoys warm, sunny weather, with average temperatures ranging from 24°C to 31°C.

🌧️ Does it rain in June in Guadeloupe?

In June, rainfall in Guadeloupe is generally light, with a few sporadic showers possible, mainly in mountainous regions.

🌡️ Average temperatures in Guadeloupe in June

Average temperatures in Guadeloupe in June generally range from 24°C to 31°C.

🌊 Seawater temperatures in June in Guadeloupe

Seawater temperatures in Guadeloupe in June are generally pleasant, fluctuating between 26°C and 28°C.


Relax at Bas du Fort beach in Le Gosier © Crédit source : Canva

7 places to visit in Guadeloupe in June 

In Guadeloupe, there are plenty of activities to discover all year round! In addition to the events organized in June, you'll have the opportunity to explore numerous natural, cultural and historical sites. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, there's something for everyone. With our in-depth knowledge of the island, we've selected 7 places for you to visit. These are not to be missed during your stay in Guadeloupe.

The Rum Museum 

Discover the history of rum production in Guadeloupe through interactive exhibits and tastings.

The Crossing Road

Follow this road through the Basse-Terre rainforest.

The Hato Caves  

Explore these limestone caves on the island of Marie-Galante, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

The House of Cane

Explore the history of sugar cane production in Guadeloupe at this museum in Port-Louis.

The House of Cocoa

Learn all about the process of making chocolate from cocoa at this plantation in Capesterre-Belle-Eau.

The Datcha Beach

Enjoy this popular white-sand beach in Gosier, with calm, shallow waters ideal for swimming.

Sainte-Anne Market

Discover the lively atmosphere of this colorful market, where you can buy local produce and handicrafts.

Mamelles Park

Discover the flora and fauna of Guadeloupe in this animal and botanical park, where you can observe endemic species.

Fruits and vegetables in season in June in Guadeloupe

In June, succumb to the delights of Guadeloupe's local produce by savoring seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here's a selection of the treasures you can enjoy this month:

🥑 Fruits in season in June in Guadeloupe

Mangoes: Mangoes are at their best in June. Juicy and sweet, they come in a multitude of local varieties you won't find anywhere else. 

Apple-lianas: Cousins of the passion fruit, apple-lianas are exotic fruits with a sweet, tangy taste. Their juicy, refreshing flesh makes them an ideal option for fruit salads or fresh juices.

Acerola cherries: Rich in vitamin C, acerola cherries are small, tart red berries with an intense, delicious taste. They are often eaten fresh, but can also be made into juice, jam or sorbet.

Quenettes: Quenettes are small, exotic fruits with a sweet, slightly acid taste, much appreciated by the locals. 

Soursops: Soursops are large fruits with creamy white flesh studded with black seeds. Their unique flavor, both sweet and tart, makes them an exquisite fruit to enjoy fresh or transformed into juice, ice cream or exotic desserts.

Mamey: Martinique's signature fruit, are at their peak in June. Their sweet, fragrant flesh is most often enjoyed fresh for a gourmet, vitamin-packed treat.


Discover the soursop: a juicy, sweet and slightly acidic fruit © Crédit source : Canva

🥔 June l vegetables in Guadeloupe

Breadfruit: Breadfruit is a staple of Martinique cuisine, particularly appreciated for its dense texture and slightly sweet flavor. In June, it's at its best, offering tender, melting flesh that lends itself to many culinary preparations, such as gratins, purées or breads.

Guadeloupe: what to pack in June?

When traveling to Guadeloupe in June, don't forget to pack the following essentials in your luggage:

  • Sunglasses to protect you from intense UV rays.

  • Seabed-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

  • A hat to protect you from the sun.

  • Hiking shoes to explore the island's trails.

  • Mosquito repellent to protect you from insects.

What to wear in June in Guadeloupe 

In June in Guadeloupe, we recommend light, comfortable outfits such as T-shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses. It's also a good idea to add a light jacket or sweater to your wardrobe for those evenings when the chill may be felt.

Need a vehicle to explore Guadeloupe in June?

You can count on us! Wide choice, new and clean vehicles, professionalism: we're ready to welcome you. 

🚗♻️ Remember to drive responsibly and give priority to carpooling.

Martinique in July is also an experience not to be missed!


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