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Europcar Guadeloupe offers the possibility of renting a driving license free quadricycle car. Compact, those cars can transport up to two persons and has a little room for suitcases.


Choose your rental car from our range of vehicles without a license!

With Europcar Guadeloupe, rent the car you need to travel the roads of our beautiful island without breaking the bank and without a license.

Driving on the roads of Guadeloupe is no longer reserved to holders of a B license. Today with Europcar, if you don't have (or no longer have) your driver's license and you are over 21 years old, you can rent a car in Guadeloupe without a license and drive around our beautiful island as freely as possible!

The advantages of the car without license

The main advantage of the car without license, as its name indicates it, is obviously to be able to drive a car without being holder of the B license.

So, if you have cruelly missed all your attempts to obtain it, if you don't have the budget to afford it or worse if your license has been withdrawn, turn to the vehicles without license! They will save you from having to take public transportation and will give you the freedom to go anywhere you want in Guadeloupe: from the airport of Pointe à Pitre to Gosier, from the beaches of Sainte Anne to those of Gosier!

Moreover, the small size of the cart is ideal for urban driving and for the different trips you might have to make on the island. Whether it's for a short stay or for several days, it will meet your expectations, provided of course that you are alone or in couple. If you have children, go for sedans or minivans.

Another advantage, and not the least, the car without a license is generally equipped with a small economical engine, it consumes little, save on fuel and not on your vacations!

Be careful not to overload your car when you travel, our cars without a license have a small trunk, it will be difficult for you to put your luggage in it.

Our range of rental cars without license

To date Europcar has only one model of car without license for rent in Guadeloupe, but not just any one: the famous Microcar M.GO Plus!

Discover the Microcar M.GO Plus, a mini SUV

Despite its small size, the Microcar M.GO Plus has many strings to its bow: spacious driving position, beautifully finished dashboards, solidity, certified road holding, 14-inch aluminum wheels, soundproofing hard trunk shelf, electric windows, high-performance and economical DCI engine. They will convince non-holders of the B license or drivers whose license has been suspended to rent this vehicle to make their trips on the Guadeloupean road.

Moreover, thanks to its qualities, it was the most sold car without a license in France in 2019, which means that it is a flourishing success.

Economical and ecological

In terms of ecology, this vehicle is not to be outdone, in terms of consumption, it displays only 3.6L per 100km. According to the tests carried out, the engine rejects only 93g/km of CO2 in the atmosphere, a low quantity allowing it to be positioned in the category A of the cars with carbon dioxide emission (CO2) according to the European standards (see categories from A to G below).



As far as safety is concerned, the Microcar GO Plus is well equipped! It has efficient front and rear disc brakes, side reinforcements at the doors made of a solid aluminum longitudinal beam, a steering wheel airbag - the only light quadricycle on the market equipped with one - and automatic LED headlights for maximum visibility and economy. Thanks to Ligier's know-how in terms of ground handling, the M.GO Plus microcar has a remarkable road holding.


Finally, the interior of the M.GO Plus has been well designed and spacious. The dashboard is nicely finished with practical storage spaces (illuminated glove box, bin, etc.) and is pleasant to the eye and to the touch.

How to rent a car without a license

To rent your car without a license, also called light quadricycle, in Guadeloupe with Europcar, you have two solutions: - Go to one of our 3 agencies - Book directly from the website The most advantageous is to make your rental online, the prices are more interesting, you do not need to move and you can select your dates and locations. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover our online deposit solution that will greatly facilitate your car rental in Guadeloupe: Swikly

Price of the rental car without a license in Guadeloupe

With Europcar, benefit from attractive prices for car rental without a license in Guadeloupe. We offer prices from 35€/day depending on the conditions. Don't waste time, whether you are already on the island or you are thinking of coming soon, if you don't have a driver's license but you want a maximum of freedom to move around, book your car without a license online without further delay!

If you think that renting a car without a license is not the right solution for you, discover our new models of cars for rent.

To help you choose the right car model for your stay, we invite you to read our dedicated article "Which car to rent for a stay in Guadeloupe".

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