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What do our vehicle group abbreviations mean?

Our vehicle categories are determined by international terms used by car rental companies. In order to understand our abbreviations, we decrypt these codes for you.

  • Our abbreviation MBMR means: M = mini, B = 2 doors, M = manual gearbox, R = with air conditioning. It contains the following vehicles: Renault Twingo, Hyundai i10, Skoda Citigo, among others. In these vehicles you can usually add 2 small suitcases in the trunk or 1 large one.

  • Our abbreviation EDMR means: E = economy, B = 5 doors, M = manual gearbox, R = with air conditioning. It contains the following vehicles: Hyundai i20 or Renault Clio. You can add 1 large and 1 small suitcase.

  • Our abbreviation CDMR means: C = Compact, D = 4 doors, M = manual gearbox, R = with air conditioning. It contains the following vehicles: Hyundai Kona. In these vehicles you can travel with 2 large suitcases.

  • Our abbreviation CGMR stands for: C = compact, C = crossover/SUV, M = manual gearbox, R = with air conditioning. It contains the following vehicles: Dacia Duster. In these vehicles you can fit 2 large suitcases and 1 small one.

Three types of vehicles adapted to each stay in Guadeloupe

From small cars to large sedans through family vehicles and automatics, Europcar Guadeloupe offers you a wide choice of models. Find the one that best suits your stay in Guadeloupe.

Comfortable cars for a romantic stay

For your stay as a couple, browse our economic, compact and automatic categories. Recent vehicles, air-conditioned and perfectly adapted to trips for two.

Recent vehicles with all the necessary comfort. Some of them are equipped with an integrated GPS, so you can travel the roads of Guadeloupe without making a mistake.

To enjoy the road in all tranquility, think of reserving your car with an automatic gearbox, particularly pleasant on the mountain roads where you will have to change your pace regularly. Finally, our cars benefit from integrated air conditioning, ideal to enjoy the heat of the Guadeloupean days without suffering it.

Large vehicles for your tribe

You have booked your stay with your family and you wish to enjoy the road together? Europcar Guadeloupe offers you two categories of vehicles perfectly adapted: minivans and minibuses.

Our minivans and minibuses combine space and comfort for friendly trips. These vehicles are perfectly adapted to your large family: you can take the road with 7 or 9 people. Together, stay cool on every trip with the built-in air conditioning.

Stylish vehicles for a trip with friends

Enjoy the ride in style with our Sedan, SUV and Prestige categories. Newer, air-conditioned cars designed to let you enjoy a luxurious vacation with friends, for up to 5 people. With manual or automatic transmission, you can enjoy the road with confidence. Ideal for vacations with friends, our sedans, convertibles and Prestige vehicles offer you as much comfort in the front as in the back.

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