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You are now ready to drive around Guadeloupe. What a pleasure to discover our amazing island!
However, the adventure can be less thrilling if having trouble to reach your destination and getting lost around the island. It can even be annoying if you are on a business trip, and you’re getting late for your meeting and trying to find out the correct address to drive to.  
Don’t worry, when hiring your car at Europcar Guadeloupe you can also rent a Garmin GPS/ Sat Nav for 6€ per day  (for rentals up to 10 days) or for the maximum amount of 60€ per rental (for 10 days rental and above).   
With its simple and friendly interface, the Garmin GPS/Sat Nav is very easy to set up and to use, and is a must have during your stay in Guadeloupe.
No more trouble to find your way around the island, you can now reach your destination safely!

Just let you guided by the GPS and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sights of Guadeloupe.

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