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Reservation Constraints

A - Booking Date
  • We can accept bookings for same-day rental with at least 1 working hour advance notice
  • We can accept bookings for rental made up to 12 months in advance
B - General Minimum Rental Duration
  • The minimum rental period is 1 day (some exceptions are hourly rentals).1 day is interpreted as a period of 24 hours. Included in this 24 hour period is the time wherein you collect and return the rental vehicle.
  • Most rentals of less than 24 hours will be charged a full day's rate.
  • Certain vouchers and promotional rates require a specific minimum to qualify. Please consult the terms and conditions for the promotion or voucher in question.
  • We can accept bookings for a maximum rental duration of 124 days. Beyond this period, you will have to make a second booking or contact our Call Center for a quotation (Info@europcar-guadeloupe.com).
Contact us
Customer service : +590 590 931 815
Booking service :+590 590 931 815
Assistance 24/24h 7/7j :+590 690 352 952

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