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Les Heures Saines

Les Heures Saines
Les Heures Saines (The Healthy Hours) welcomes you on the top of Rocher de Malendure in their spacious diving club.
You will find two boats equipped for diving lessons and with diving blocks already on board for your comfort.
With Les Heures Saines you can choose your adventure:

 Diving in the heart of the National Park (the Cousteau reserve) and on 3 wrecks diving (23, 33 or 40m ).

 Discovery of a large part of the Caribbean coast of Basse Terre (from Vieux-Habitants to Deshaies).

 A getaway day in Les Saintes on a fast boat with 2 dives during the day : 1 in Sec Paté + 1 in Les Saintes ).


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Email : info@heures-saines.gpTel. : 0590988663

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Customer service : +590 590 931 815
Booking service :+590 590 931 815
Assistance 24/24h 7/7j :+590 690 352 952

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