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Guadeloupe, a gastronomic destination

When talking about gastronomy in Guadeloupe, you should envision a festival of scents, flavors and colors which will surprised all of your senses.
the Caribbean cuisine is certainly a dazzling mixture of Caribbean, African, Western and Asian influences.
Spices are crucial in the food preparation. Chilli, chilli pepper, garlic, are the essential spices part of the marinade where meat and fish usually macerate , for the pleasure of our taste buds.
Sweet potatoes, yam, breadfruit, pumpkins are usually served with delicious aromatic stews while the fruits let their flavors explode in delicious cocktails or creamy sorbet.
The mention of the words like "Accrass", "Boudin", "Colombo", "Matété", "Court bouillon", takes us into a colorful and fantastic world of various tastes and flavors.
So it's no surprise that this year, Guadeloupe has been named by USA TODAY website, the 2nd best culinary destination in the Caribbean.
This is a great reward for all of those who on a daily basis promote and enhance the flavors and scents of our archipelago.
And one more reason for you venture around Guadeloupe to find and taste gourmet restaurants so you can enjoy the flavors of our delightful Caribbean cuisine! 

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